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Looking to hire a house cleaner or a designer should never be an overwhelming process. Our company is dedicated to making you feel completely comfortable when and if you decide to work with us.

Professional and Trusted House Cleaning Services with over 20 Years of Experience.

A Thorough, Healthy, Satisfied Clean

We don’t just spot clean, we deep clean giving you and your family a healthier environment to come home to.


At Clean and Sassy, we’re more than a maid service. We sanitize every room, freshen the air you breathe in and de-clutter the pile up with a stylish and classy design. We’re also well trusted, reputable and reliable.


  • We are a no contract company. You should feel free to hire who you want, test their services and be comfortable welcoming them back if you like them. We strive for perfection and want you to be pleased with our services and we want to feel safe in your home as well. No strings attached. There’s no pressure. We don’t hassle anyone.
  • We are trustworthy. You can rest assured that your home is safe in the hands of Clean and Sassy. We treat your place like it’s a castle and we are guests in your home. You will never have to worry. Reliable. Dependable and Respectable.
  • Stress Free. We do all the work, you relax and rest easy knowing that your house is getting cleaned and you can go about your daily business.
  • Communication. Victoria is very specific when working with clients. Each client has different needs. According to your specifications, she follows through with exactly what you want. If you want laundry done, you got it. If you don’t want the guest room touched or walked in, you got it. We respect your wishes.
  • Fast Services. There is no need for a company to be in your home longer than necessary. We get in, do the work and get out.
  • Same Day. We now offer same day for the essential or individual cleaning services. Don’t have time to wait for an appointment? We’ll get you booked in a timely fashion.

We’re Dedicated To You, The Home Owner

  • Attention to Detail. We’re thorough with each and every cleaning. When we’re crawling on our hands and knees you know you’ve got a good house cleaner.
  • Affordable. Our cleaning quotes are not negotiable but very reasonable. We offer a variety of package deals and discounts on many services. Like us on FB to keep up with current offers. Every household is not the same, so a meet and greet is always recommended before we come clean. We NOW offer hourly services.
  • Our Reviews Speak for themselves.
  • We Are Stylish and add a little bit of that pizzazz to your home even if you only get the essential cleaning.
  • Read Our Rules

We might be a small business but we’re a sassy business and we pride ourselves in spreading a new style of cleaning and Decorating is our passion.

  • Consultations are not free.