Having a clean home isn’t just healthy, it’s a quality of life!

We are all about the sassy way of living. Clean and Sassy isn’t just any old cleaning service; it’s a fun, stylish home based blog with cleaning tips, how to’s, networking and of course lots of coffee dates. Just recently we decided to go all natural. Family owned & operated right here in the heart of Myrtle Beach, SC.


Cleaning is a skill that one must possess and it’s carried throughout with specific techniques. At the young age of 12, Victoria was mastering the power of scrubbing a tub. Daily chores eventually became a lifestyle and today she claims that it’s the most relaxing way to de-stress.


I grew up in a small town with a big family, second daughter to Linda M. Townson. Born and raised in Upstate NY where my Nana had ten children, my mom being the eldest. In 1999, I gave birth to my first daughter and my second little girl in 2004. I was a stay at home mom working from home as much as possible and always maintained a clean house. I was taught at a young age to do it right. Yes, there is a right way to clean. Throughout my life I learned a lot about homes, redesigning and remodeling. I have incorporated my vintage passion and furniture painting into the mix. I love to capture photos, drink coffee on the lanai and listen to the mockingbirds. Our C+S Instagram account is at ITSASASSYLIFE. Be sure to follow us!


In 1990, he graduated from Wittenberg University with a bachelors in business administration. From early on he was in the hotel/restaurant management business. In his 30’s, he ventured into banking. Doug was born and raised in beautiful, historic Chagrin Falls, Ohio. His elegant and classy taste for style and design is essential to this cleaning business. Doug naturally maintains a well kept home and has become one of the best cleaning partners. From vacuuming to dusting, to moving things around for the elderly widow, he’s always willing to lend a hand and this has made him a powerful asset to the company.

Doug also manages the business. He is the one that many of you speak to over the phone in regards to booking appointments, sending confirmations and learning more about your homes/properties. If you need anything, feel free to contact him at the number below.

Oh, he’s also a coffee addict and he loves his home life, so you know you’re in good hands. Quite frankly, home is where the heart is! Follow him on IG at A Buggers Life.

Clean and Sassy House Cleaning Services

This business is built on trust. We come from good homes and were raised with morals and values. I think it’s important to build strong relationships with your clients and have excellent communication skills. Although I strive for perfection, sometimes it’s nice to be imperfect.

Here on the blog you will find things that I love to share. This website is more than a business to me, it’s my life! I enjoy all things that make me smile and in essence, you too!

If you need us to come clean, we specialize in basic everyday cleanings + deep, move in and outs! We work with real estate + property management companies to change the way that housekeeping was in the past! It’s now the sassy way of life! We look forward to making your home life a better place to live, whether we physically come clean for you, stage rooms for your new guests or just help you learn something along the way!


Victoria’s Cell Phone 843-424-9558

Doug’s Cell 843-267-5988


Hours of Operation: 8AM-8PM