House cleaning has always been a lifestyle for me. Growing up with a big family ( my Nana raised ten children ) where she always maintained a clean home. My mom, the eldest, had four kids and minimalism was extremely popular back then. Often you’ll hear me say that I didn’t even realize that this was such a huge part of my life and it still is today.

We are from Elmira, a small, upstate NY town. I was never a materialistic gal. I do enjoy having nice things and what human being doesn’t like to be pampered from time to time? But I do everything very simply and in moderation. 

I started C+S as a professional house cleaning business back in 2017. Cleaning comes very natural for me. It’s a skill. In order to live healthy, we need to live clean. The clean and sassy website will be filled with tips, tricks and hacks that I find useful for the everyday busy families. 

In 2010, I started blogging. I like writing, connecting, learning, sharing and having my own little piece of the internet. 

Just recently I began master minimization and incorporating Feng Shui into my house cleanings. The feedback has been amazing and rewarding. When we return to another weekly cleaning we see the difference it has made in our clients lives!



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In my free time you can find me at the beach, decorating, thrift shopping and grabbing an iced coffee with my two daughters. Jack is our Maltese and you’ll see him in a lot of our photo props. Doug, my fiancee and business partner cleans houses with me but he just received his real estate license and he’s ready to sell Myrtle Beach – this will certainly bring some new clientele to our business.  

Feel free to reach out and as always, our doors are often open!