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About Us

Having a clean home isn’t just healthy, it’s a quality of life!

We’re all about the sassy way of living. C + S isn’t just any old cleaning service; it’s a fun, stylish home based blog with cleaning tips, how to’s, networking and of course lots of coffee dates.


Cleaning is a skill that one must possess and it’s carried through with specific techniques. At the young age of 12, Victoria was mastering the power of scrubbing a tub. Daily chores eventually became a lifestyle and today she claims that it’s the most relaxing way to de-stress by far.

Meet The Owner and Creator, Victoria J. Taylor

about clean and sassy

I grew up in a small town with a big family, second daughter to Linda M. Townson. Born and raised in Upstate NY where my Nana had ten children, my mom being the eldest. In 1999, I gave birth to my first daughter and my second little girl in 2004. I was a stay at home mom working from home as much as possible and always maintained a clean house. I was taught at a young age to do it right. Yes, there is a right way to clean. Throughout my life I learned a lot about homes, redesigning and remodeling. I have incorporated my vintage passion and furniture painting into the mix. I love to capture photos, drink coffee on the lanai and listen to the mockingbirds.

This business is built on trust. I come from a Christian background and was raised with morals and values. I think it’s important to build strong relationships with your clients and have excellent communication skills. Although I strive for perfection, sometimes it’s nice to be imperfect.

Here on the blog you will find things I love to share. This website is more than a business to me, it’s my life! I enjoy all things that make me smile and in essence, you too!

If you need us to come clean, we specialize in basic everyday cleanings + deep, move in and outs! We work with some of the best real estate companies and look forward to making your home life a better place to live whether we physically come clean for you or just help you learn something along the way!



Hours of Operation: 8AM-8PM