As more of us are downsizing we need to be creative with our use of small spaces. When I noticed about fifty bottles of nail polish taking over my vanity and dresser, I knew that I had to find something to put them in. Here’s 8 ways to organize your tiny bathrooms as part of our sassy way to keep organized segment here on the blog. Sure a basket is fine but where do I put the basket? I don’t want to see that either. You only have so much space under the sink to store stuff, so I created a ‘holder’ out of a wood piece of art to place in one of the drawers. I specifically made that drawer for nail related products only.

Not all bathrooms are created equally. If you’re in an apartment, most likely there are standard vanity’s with one or two drawers. Lucky if you have any drawers at all. Here are some fabulous organizers just for drawers. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll take a wood block piece of art, flip it over and store your powder room products in there. I also use small bowls like these to hold q-tips and cotton balls in. Small bowls fit in small spaces.

1.) Get drawer dividers or organizers. Be creative if you don’t want to spend any money on them. Look around the house for little bowls and jars that will fit in a drawer or simply arrange the space for certain products only. Shoving everything into one drawer is a no-no my sassy friends!

2.) Wall Hooks. These work in so many different places around the house but especially in bathrooms. You can organize your towels, robes and even beach totes on these. Always keep an eye out for clearance sections at Target, in hardware and thrift stores because you can almost always find these bad boys and use them anywhere.

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3.) Vanity Trays. This may seem like it takes up a lot of space but truly it keeps your everyday products in one place. I also love to use mirrors because if you lay them flat and organize your face and hair products on it, it helps eliminate the clutter throughout the vanity. Or just use for decoration purposes. That is if you actually have enough room on the sink.

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4.) Small Carts. I know you’re probably thinking that a piece of furniture is NOT going to fit in my little bathroom but here it goes; these carts are made to fit in small spaces. And super convenient. I found one on clearance at TJMAXX except it has wooden shelves and the best thing is that these new found organizing carts are on casters!!!

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5.) Floating Shelves. We live in an apartment but that doesn’t mean that I can’t add shelves above the toilet or on a wall. If you have an area to hang some shelves, hang them!!! It’s so much better to look at stuff on the walls than on the floor! Check out how clean and organized this looks:

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6.) Baskets and Bins. You’ll probably hear me shout these two words out frequently when talking about organizing but seriously, THEY ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. Think outside the box when needing to use them. If you have no room for toilet paper, shove them in a cute little wire basket. The same goes for towels and washcloths. A lot of people think that linens have to be hidden in a closet but they don’t. The whole idea of decorating these days is to share your stuff in open spaces.

7.) Toss it if you don’t use it! I’m also famous for sharing the de-cluttering aspect of life. I can’t stand half empty bottles of anything, so if you can’t use it anymore….throw it away and do NOT hoard products.

8.) Last but not least, those hair appliances. If you have no room to store them in a drawer or under the cabinet, either keep them in a hallway closet or hang them under the towels on the hooks so they are out of sight. I know it’s easy to leave the straightener out on the sink where you do your hair but remember to put it away asap. Unless of course you place it nicely in one of those baskets we were talking about.

What Ways Do You Organize!!? PLEASE Share in the comments below.

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