From early on I knew that I wanted to work for myself, from anywhere. I wanted a really good way to earn a living but I didn’t want to work for anyone else. Although I was a hard worker, I ended most all of my jobs within a year to three years. For several years I worked from home. It wasn’t intentional. I was a stay at home mom trying to keep busy while bringing in some extra bucks. I loved it. Shipping resale was fun. I created my own schedule and made money. But it wasn’t settling in with me enough. My insides were screaming, ‘be more creative’ and the more I tried to do just that, the more I failed at creating my own brand. I still wasn’t going to give up on being a boss though.

++ How To Become A Sassy Boss ++

Have it in you- in order to own something, even yourself… must want, desire and have a need for it. The daily thoughts about becoming your own boss will eventually take over your life. You won’t stop thinking about it, trying new, different things and you’ll keep going until you accomplish those goals. The saying, ‘Never Give Up’ speaks volumes when you want what you want. Remember when you saved up for those expensive boots? Just like that, you’ll create an inner energy that will motivate you to be your own boss.

Don’t rely on anyone- I don’t know how many times I got knocked down and had to pull myself up again. The fact that you even want to be a boss means that you can do it all by yourself. Is it nice to have support, sure…but being a sassy boss doesn’t require anyone’s approval. Someone once told me that it was all a dream. And I didn’t respond! { Of course I did in my head } ….. But, my dreams are almost always forgotten when I wake. My goals are a reality and if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to check off that goal.

Being A Boss Means Being Responsible

Use your own money- Whether it’s to start your business or buy something for yourself, use your own money. That way no one can ever throw in your face that you borrowed anything from them. Being a boss is doing it all by yourself. If you have to get bank loans or credit cards, get them in your own name. And pay them back.

Rise and Grind- get up each and every morning with a fresh look moving forward to hustle, make moves and grow. Morning is my favorite time of the day because I can renew whatever went on in the past, I’ve had time to rejuvenate my body and think about what I need to accomplish for the new day. Always give yourself at least 2 good hours in the morning to take care of you!

how to be a boss babe
tips to get you started to becoming your own boss

Network- the more I learned about my business, the more I understood how important networking really is. No matter what you are trying to accomplish in the ‘boss world’ know that communication is a very powerful thing. I never really knew how much of a difference a phone call makes until now. Reach out, send emails, confirm appointments, reminders, etc. Set aside a time to do this weekly if not daily. Update social media accounts, comment on posts, respond to customers and manage your time.

Planning- organization and planners are best buds! I’ll be honest with you, I totally suck at this but I’m getting better!! It’s all about proper game plans. It might take some time getting used to but if you plan ahead and write things down, the smoother your life will be. Get calendars. Books. Journals. Apps. Whatever helps you to ‘GET SHIT DONE’!

Listen and Learn- find inspiration

Ideas are important. Ask friends and family questions, get feedback, host interviews and come up with good ideas to help you be your own boss. One of the greatest things about being a Gemini is that I can be quiet for long periods of time and gather information in my head. Doesn’t mean I agree or want to do it the way someone else is talking about but at least I’m gaining insight. Find inspiration in all that you do!

Have your own way- be yourself, do your thing and be a boss. Most everyone has it in the back of their head the way they want things to go. If you know what you want, do it that exact way. Nothing and no one will ever stop you! That’s why you are ‘the boss’ ….. we might have to come through a different way but ultimately it’s our way! Does that even make sense? For ex: If I want to make a bed a certain way, and someone tells me how to do it otherwise and I don’t like that way…..THEN I’M NOT GOING TO MAKE THE BED. Do things the way you want. Who cares if you don’t get hired, or if someone else doesn’t like it. You’re the boss, lady!!!

Stay tuned for more from the sassy boss babes! I’m running new categories here on the blog. Hoping to inspire you to live a better you. In between cleaning, I love to blog. Share your thoughts in the comments below. XO

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