Most people probably do not clean their closets as much as this obsessed house cleaner but I wanted to share 7 ways you can clean your closets out that will make you feel immense relief. As many of you know, I have been decluttering and learning how to be more of a minimalist. Trust me…not easy! However, the more I practice it, the more I achieve more sanity in my life. Studies show that getting rid of things helps manage stress, depression and even some mental health issues. I’m no doctor but I can tell you it makes me feel awesome afterwards.

7 Ways To Clean Out Your Closet

how to clean out your closet space

Pull Everything On The Closet Floor Out-

It helps to start by removing what is all over the floor so that you can actually walk in and see what’s going on in there! take everything out and place in your bedroom. Either on the bed, the floor, in bins, etc….(if you can purchase bins to help sort things out, this will help a ton).

Go Through Things In Small Sections-

Trying to cram an entire day into cleaning a closet space gets overwhelming but can be accomplished. Small moves makes it run smoothly. Do everything in sections. Shoes, clothes, sweaters, jeans, etc……Make space outside the closet for temporary sorting and that will help you decide what stays and what goes.

clean out your closets
how to clean closet space fast and easy

Donate + Toss

Get rid of everything you no longer wear. It’s hard to part ways but put your big boy pants on and do what needs to be done. Declutter. Donate. Give to your sister, your friends, aunts……OR throw away! It’s that simple.

Host Closet Dates

Organize a closet date with your friends, sisters, etc. One week you host a night that consists of a closet party that involves them going through your stuff to snag whatever they want. It can be fun but it can also be really nerve racking for most. Try to put the stuff you really can’t let go into another place before they arrive and only leave the stuff you really want to part with in that closet. Win-Win!

Sell Sell Sell

Marketplace (FB) is the easiest way to score some extra cash when trying to sell fast! There’s also Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist and more. Find time to separate the clothes you need to rid of and list them for sale. Take really good pics with great indoor lighting and describe your item well when it comes to good sales. Also, make sure that the stuff is in excellent condition to get more for your $$. Do research on your items to see what the competitive rate is going for.

Exchange For Something Else

If you’ve had your heart set on getting something new (for another room, not related to clothes) then make promises to get rid of something in exchange for something else. If I get rid of 5 handbags I never use, I can get that Kitchen Aid Mixer I’ve been dying to have. Insert smoochy face right there!!!

Have Someone Else Do It For You

The reason we hoard is because we can’t come to grips with letting go. If you hire someone to do it, you don’t have to watch it go! Plain and simple. We can do it for you. If that’s still hard for you to do……get someone to motivate you to actually go through with it. Have a friend or someone remind you weekly that you need to have someone come clean your closets out. The nagging will eventually make you DO IT!

Make A Party Out Of It

If I turn the music on and open the windows I tend to feel a sense of motivation to clean. I know it needs to be done, so instead of going to the gym, a run or to dinner with a friend…..make a party out of cleaning your closet! It can actually be really fun if you invite someone to do it with you and have drinks/snacks on the kitchen counter. When you start feeling like you’ve had enough, grab a glass of your favorite chardonnay and escape the closet for a minute. Return when you’ve had enough time to rejuvenate and finish the started project.

Never Keep Summer and Winter Clothes Together

I rarely ever have my summer clothing in the same closet as my winter clothing. In Florida, we had suitcases filled with winter stuff that we never worn. Our dress up clothing was in one closet and our day to day clothing was in another. If you can’t fit things in your drawers + closets for the season, then there’s a problem. You need to separate your clothes into bins that can be stored elsewhere….or just make enough room for the clothes you always wear, aka donating and tossing.

how to clean out a closet
7 fabulous ways to clean out your closet space

If all else fails, join us in our group to help you get over the fact that you have too much stuff! It’s always great relief for myself and I know that together, we can tackle the messy part of our lives!

What are some of your closet cleaning tips? Leave in the comments below. Follow us on Pinterest and Twitter.

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