Living down south I’ve had my fair share of dealing with bugs. We even had lizards and freshwater crabs creeping into our place trying to make themselves at home. I’m not an expert by any means at keeping them out but this has always worked for us. With the colder months upon us here’s some tips on how you can keep the bugs out once and for all.

how to get rid of roaches

Roaches and Palmetto bugs have been the worst. They’re nasty and can even cause a health concern if you become infested. We recently just located to South Carolina and moved into an apartment complex that had negative reviews about the roach problem here. We also lived in southwest Florida where apartment communities had the same issues. However, that did not scare me away from wanting to reside there. No matter what, you’re going to face the pests. Homeowners discover the bugs and immediately call the Orkin man!

The exterminator came to our apartment once in Florida and the spray he applied did absolutely NOTHING! The bugs kept coming. Up the drains, in the cracks, behind the stove; it was time for me to tackle these bad boys once and for all! I became less frightened upon seeing different kinds of roaches but that didn’t mean I wanted them crawling next to me or on my children for that matter. I’m an overall neat freak and the invasion of any bug meant dirty to me! So follow my steps and you’ll be BUG FREE! I promise.

1.) Before you actually move into an apartment, home or rent a room, follow number 5 & 7 in this post!

2.) Make sure the house is always cleaned. This can be hard if you have a lot going on, so I recommend hiring a house cleaner at least once a week until the issue is taken care of. And don’t leave anything on the floors…..especially wet towels.

3.) Spray the exterior of the home with a good bug spray like mentioned above.

4.) Seal off leaky pipes because these bugs like water and warmth according to this guy. When we initially moved into our new place and saw these things crawling everywhere, I about freaked. The lady writing the review was right! However, I knew I needed to tackle them immediately because I wasn’t about to live with them. Spraying your home defense bug spray into the pipes helps too!

5.) Trying all natural ways is great but they WON’T work if these bugs are a constant prob! Mix warm water in a spray bottle and about 6 drops of citrus oil, or even tea tree oil and spray the mixture around the edges of your rooms, on your carpets and in your cabinets. The stronger the essential oil is, the better chance you’ll have at killing them.

6.) Keep your closets free and clear by using sachets and/or cedar wood hangers or balls. The aroma alone should keep these pests away.

Maintenance is key. Keeping up with your new home is obviously important when dealing with any type of bugs. Spraying monthly will help a ton. Seems like a lot but if you don’t want them making themselves cozy, that’s probably the best way to handle them. Be sure to spray along the baseboards, inside the cupboards, behind the fridge and stove, along the exterior of the homes windows and edges and on the inside of every bathroom floor and ceiling.

We hope this eliminates your bug problem. Tell us ways that work for you!

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