We were cleaning a clients home; it’s been a straight three weeks since they became a regular, when Doug mentioned the drastic change in atmosphere. If you’re a reader here, then this post may sound familiar. It talks about why it’s so very important to have a cleaning routine on a continuous basis. Nothing excites me more than a new year. It’s a time to rejuvenate your well being, make good changes and reevaluate what’s important. My goals and mission have always been to improve your quality of life because I strive to be better each and everyday no matter what.

how to improve your quality of life
How To Improve The Quality Of Your Life in 2019

The greatest thing about a New Year is the chance to start over……..Put those dancing shoes on, life’s about to change for the GOOD!

Now whether you think you need any of these in your lives or not…JUST WAIT! Don’t leave this page without trying. TRUST ME. I’m a professional when it comes to good advice.

1.) Let Go– whatever it is, doesn’t even matter….let it all go! The only way to move on fresh is to release the old vibes. It could be a disagreement, a work place situation, a road rage moment, a spoiled dinner, even a negative thought; it needs to be forgotten about so that you can focus on the good. If you struggle with letting things be, try practicing it and training your brain. Kinda like trusting your gut…..trust that it’s better to leave it behind.

2.) Declutter– if you have yet to take my weekly challenge, now’s the time to go for it. Quality of life improves when you get rid of things. Start small with one room at a time if needed ( as I mention in my post ) and dedicate each week to removing items from your home. This is a proven fact. You’ll feel better immediately. And the more you do it, the better your life becomes.

3.) Stay Active– now is the time to join new memberships; yoga, boxing, choir, lessons, volunteer work…..anything that you have been pushing off, STOP! Staying active doesn’t mean you need to be in a gym. It means that you need to find something that you enjoy doing and stick with it. Could be a craft in the home, more coffee dates with family, friends and co-workers, lunch/dinner dates, etc.

4.) Clean Weekly– here it is….the ol’ cleaning word! before you go bat shit crazy on me and say you don’t have time, don’t know how, etc…..HIRE someone! The reason this improves the quality of life is because there’s constant refreshment! The feeling you receive after your home has been cleaned is therapy in itself. It’s the truest, most accurate advice I can give to clients, friends, and family….and EVEN myself. The difference we notice by going each and every week to a home is dramatic. We witness the homeowners change in trying to maintain their house better by doing things on their own to improve the lifestyle they desire. With the help of a professional cleaner and a schedule that repeats itself, your life improves on the inside + out.

5.) Change your diet & attitude– easier said than done? Not! I notice towards the end of the year I forget what’s good for my body. I tend to eat things that aren’t what I used to because my schedule changes and I have to remember that sitting down to eat a fresh, organic salad is just as easy as grabbing a handful of chips. My goal is to buy prepared salads and fruits in small packages so that I can fulfill the nourishment, even if it’s just a couple times a week….it’s a change.

  • as far as attitude- I meant in a good form. I am going into 2019 standing firm with what I say as far as my business goes. I need to make good decisions and be on the same page with everyone. If it was 5 years ago, I would have gone back and forth ( making sure I got the last word ) but I have learned that all I have to do is say something once and then drop it and move forward. If we’re not on the same page, I don’t have to work with them. This also helps us to feel in control of our lives. When you look at a situation, does it really matter what anyone thinks? All that matters is that you’re happy and satisfied with your decisions and how you handle them. Think positive, stand firm and move on!
how to ring in the new year

Last But Not Least

6.) Me + Me + Me– if you follow me on Pinterest you’ll see a board all about me ( yourself ) that constantly reminds us to take care of ME first. Focus on you this year, start really taking care of yourself to be a better person inside and out. It doesn’t mean you have to be stuck on yourself or be selfish, it just means that you’re important too!

When You Look Good You Feel Good

I feel like a splash of color on my skin always makes my energy rise. Tanning is something that I will find myself doing just to make my skin improve. I suffer from dry skin- a max of 8 minutes per session is all I recommend. And lather with lotion ladies!

Fresh air is crucial to our mind and bodies. Daily walks, jogging or runs will keep us refreshed. Find paths. We walk the neighborhood and trails often. Do this together.

Drink more water. How easy is it to forget to drink the good stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I feel so good about drinking ice cold water. If you have a sensitivity to cold, try room temp water bottles…..they’re fabulous. Or try my lemon water.

Do What Makes You Feel Good

I like to recreate. I tend to start changing rooms around because I get tired of the same ol’ look. Relocating furniture pieces and things around the home/office is a ‘feel good’ moment.

Be the INSPIRATION- recommend things to your friends, families, co-workers……start up a conversation with someone in the coffee line, smile and be kind. Pick it up off the floor. Give an unexpected something.

Finally…..stay fresh! Stay true to who you are. Wake up feeling great. Cry when you need to and get back up again. Drink coffee, laugh, make a difference, choose to be + do good. 2019 is all about you my sassy friends!!! xoxo

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