Doug and I have been proud morning people for a very long time! It’s most certainly one of our favorite parts of the day because number one; we’re alive…..we woke up, the coffee is brewed and there’s something about living that makes us feel worthy. If you’re not a morning person, we’re going to teach you how to be. Not everyone experiences the same get ups, chaos, 9-5’s, parenthood, the ups and downs, highs and lows are something each of us experience at different times in our lives. I don’t remember ‘never’ yearning to wake up!

The opioid overdose crisis really hit home recently. I’ve always been one to hibernate, ignore what other people are doing and just live my life to the best, healthy wise. Even in my darkest days { I’ve never resorted to drugs or anything of that nature }, I have still wanted to rise. There’s a thing called your subconscious. And it plays a huge role in our well being. Having a clean home is not necessarily the only thing that helps us with our moods, vibes, and longevity but practicing spiritual rituals like bringing good chi into our homes is also really important. Most of us don’t know that this exists.


  • Prepare the night before– every night before I go to bed I make sure the house is in order, the coffee is set, sink is free from clutter, the walkway is open and there’s no food left out. This is the structure that I’ve lived by for years. Yes, sometimes it’s easy to fall asleep in disarray and that’s perfectly okay. Overall, maintaining a routine that is comfortable for you and your home is something you’ll want to learn or make habit of. Learning more about Feng Shui may help you to have a better night routine which leads to a glorious morning.
  • Envision– I can honestly tell you that I am not where I want to be with my life. Like many of you, I struggle with settling down, feel anxious about future goals, have had my fair share of set backs. However, I always have that subconscious telling me that the time will come when I am completely happy and settled with my life in it’s entirety. We cannot and will not get to where we need to go in life if we fail to get up everyday. Envision the life you want in order to achieve. I mean, how will we ever know unless we live to see it through?!
  • Time Management– Set aside at least 2 hours in the morning to get what you need done around the house. Before you leave the house plan 2 hours to yourself each and every morning. This allows us that time we need to rejuvenate and refresh. I cannot tell you how great it feels to run our own business, on our own time.
  • Wake Up On Fresh, Clean Linens– This is my absolute power tool when getting a good nights rest and craving the rise and grind mode. I wash our sheets weekly, sometimes 2X a week because if you don’t, those smells start to linger, you feel sluggish and my heavens, who wants to sleep with dust mites. What a game changer for those who have yet to wash their sheets every week!
  • Never Leave The House In Chaos– My rule of thumb before I ever leave the house is to make sure it’s arranged and cleaned. If I have plans to go out for the day, head to work, etc……my house better be cleaned. The key to sanity is cleanliness. I know that many struggle with this and that’s normal. If you find a moment to fold the throw blankets, make your beds, pick up the toys, put the dishes in the dishwasher, throw a load of laundry in……all these things help just a little. With both the mental and physical aspects of our lives.
  • Quiet Time– Mornings are for peace and quiet. No tv’s allowed. We still don’t own a television and are perfectly fine. It allows us time to think about our lives, make plans for the day and really take time to reflect. Not everything has to revolve around a phone, gadget, etc. While most of us catch up on emails, messages, etc……my tip is to get at least one hour of free time in each morning before you dive into the busyness of your lives!

While this is no ordinary ‘Morning Routine’ list, I hope that it will help you to rethink the way that life is supposed to be. There is no wrong way to wake up and go about our business. These are just some things that help me want to live. I find that cleaning is a stress reliever, vacuuming especially. Many days when I feel off balance I start throwing things away. Decluttering has been a part of my monthly lifestyle for years. It helps alleviate tension, anxiety and teaches me to focus. Give yourselves a reminder of the things that you can do each night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake. Doing these things routinely and waking up at the same time ( or around the same time ) each and everyday makes such a dramatic difference in how we see life.


If you or someone you know is struggling with waking up, wanting to live, needing that extra balance in their lives; please reach out! There’s so much that this cleaning business has taught me about ‘real life’ and I would love to share more tips with you. Comment below with your morning routines!

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