Set all the books, the cute baskets and bins aside and let’s talk about real life for a minute! Not too long ago we were packing up and heading to another state. Knowing nothing about the area, we still made the decision to make such a big move. We wanted change, new vibes and experiences, but most importantly, we wanted to be so much closer to my girls! As organized as we were upon moving out, we quickly discovered how much our lives were in disarray when we relocated. It’s not always about the glitz, the glamour, the rolls royce, or the IG feeds. Unless you have your sh** together one hundred, here’s some sassy ways to organize your life in a matter of no time.

6 Sassy Ways To Organize Your Life

For me personally, I go through ups and downs, and it happens often. I change my ideas, get frustrated when something doesn’t fall into place or I just create more than I can handle. But the one thing I never, ever do…is lose hope. I know that in due time my stuff will be 100 and it will all turn out the way I had envisioned. And if it doesn’t, then okay! I’m perfectly alright with that.

  • Stop right there! The first thing you need to do is wake up!! I was at a point when I said, ‘whoa, whoa whoa….wait a minute. This is not how I want to live, I need to do something about it.’ The moment you get to a level of insanity is the very moment you will make the first step in getting your life under control. Mentally you know that your life is unorganized and you need to change that. So the first step is realization and coming to grips with everything that is making it messy.

Confidence Your Way Into A Healthier Life

  • Confidence plays a key role in your success. The way that confidence works is that it empowers us to become. Whatever you have in mind that you want to accomplish is the responsibility of your own self worth. Without it, we are nothing. And I mean that in the most uplifting way. Your life depends on no one but you! In order to get organized, you must be confident in the way you feel about life in all that you do. { a post on ways to gain self confidence is coming soon }

Goals Be Like……

  • Set weekly goals or even daily. I prepare my next day by going over it the night before. What do I have to do today as far as work goes, what we need in the house, Hannah being picked up, etc, etc….This week I need to drop off business cards to this place, meet a new client, gain business partnerships and follow up with emails. As much work as I give myself, I know that these things need to be done because if I don’t get them done then I feel like a failure. So instead of brushing things off to the side, I create goals to actually do them. And if it takes longer, that’s okay too! Just as long as we eventually do them.

setting goals quotes

  • Write things down!!! As dumb as I used to think this was, I do understand the power it gives. I’m old fashioned so I like a journal, a notebook, little black books and appointment books. But with our business I am learning how to use appointment apps, and I still feel the need to write lists on paper. However you like, do it!! Keep it where you can actually see it and make it a habit to look at it each and every day. It’s great for bloggers who need to jot their post ideas down, people who need daily reminders of things they need to do, moms and dads who tend to forget things at the grocery stores, anything! Go buy a new book if that helps but just keep that organized as well.
  • Stand up for yourself. I struggle with this one because I always want to please everyone else and go out of my way to help people but I need to stop and say no. It’s not making me feel good and what’s important is me first. Start saying NO and do whatever it is that makes you happy. If I want to do it I will. If not, just say no!

Create Your Own Rules

  • Nobody owns you. You own yourself. Make your own rules and live by them. Just because someone has more money, it doesn’t mean they have power over you! If it’s not making you feel on top of the world, then bye. The proudest I have ever been in my life is when I walk away. It doesn’t matter if I am working for a corporate company, if I’m working with a client that is not on the same page, etc…..what’s important is that I feel like I’m doing what’s right. I’m the boss of me. And if someone doesn’t like it….toodles.

Organizing your life takes dedication and will power! I feel my absolute best when I am organized. And so will you! You have to know what you want, make daily lists { mentally or written } and actually do!!! Create a life worth living for so that you’ve accomplished a life worth meaning.

What are some things you do to stay organized within your own lives!?

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