Season here in Myrtle Beach is right around the corner and you bet your tush that Clean and Sassy is getting these homes ready for listings. When I walk into a vacation rental property { to clean }, there are two things that I immediately notice: 1.) decor 2.) smell …… First glances are so important to families and groups spending lots of money on a place to stay during their vacation. They save all year for this relaxing moment whether they’re outdoorsy or not. We want to rest our feet on clean turf if you know what I mean. Modern decor is a necessity and a fresh, clean odor is crucial because so many people suffer from allergies these days. Not only that; who wants to sleep in a place that is mold infested- it’s important to take these two things into consideration along with some other sassy tips to help you get TOP DOLLAR for your vacation rental this season.

How To Get Top Dollar For Your Vacation Rental

  • make sure the unit is up to date- this includes new working appliances, fresh new paint, fixtures and toilet seats
  • deep clean several times throughout the year to maintain a fresh, healthy home
  • create a cozy, beach-y vibe with modern decor and furniture- hosting a place for guests means that you need to have fresh new linens often, new shower curtains, area rugs, dishes/accessories and plenty of seating arrangements indoors and out
  • provide enough linens/towels- having a washer/dryer in the unit is also a huge plus

Those were just some things that you need to keep in mind as you get ready for season. Having a vacation rental property is really something to be proud of and it needs to be well taken care of.

Here’s 6 Sassy Ways To Get Your Vacation Rental Booked All Season With Top Dollar Bookings

1.) Deep clean the place and then deep clean it again- yes, I said clean, clean, clean!!! We are the deep cleaning specialists. We have had numerous agencies and home owners call on us after they have had their homes cleaned by someone else and it still needed to be detailed aka sassy cleaned!

2.) Update any loose fixtures, bulbs, toilets, leaks, foundation problems, paint chips, door handles, clogs, mold issues, BROKEN FRAMES ( I often see vacation rentals with artwork malfunctions ) seriously not that hard to fix! Go buy a new one. And anything else that needs attention. Don’t think that someone might not notice. They will.

3.) Provide new linens and towels- this is by far so very important. I prefer white and definitely a better quality than Walmart or Target sheets…….these aren’t items you should skimp on. High quality means top dollar. Good pillows are a must.

4.) Modern day decor- furniture from the 60’s and 70’s is fine if it’s a.) not falling apart and b.) not filthy……. I’m a lover of all things vintage and olden day charm is my thing but when you are renting out a vacation home……UPDATE the furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.) Take good pictures and describe your home to a T- this is very important when listing on TripAdvisor and VRBO. Fantastic photos and the way you describe your place for rent means the world to busy people looking to book.

6.) Keep it simple- another thing that drives me nuts is too much decor. There’s no need for 5 small pieces of art to be on that same wall. Less is more!!!! TRUST me.

Getting The Most Out Of Season

That rounds up my basic details for renting your vacation homes here in Myrtle Beach. I am lucky enough to clean such beautiful properties and one of the greatest things is sharing my knowledge. Sometimes overthinking leads to big mistakes when it comes to home ownership. If you’re struggling with maintaining your place or just need some outside eyes to help guide you with decorating, staging, etc……I’m always just a phone call away! 239-287-8228. Feel free to text or call anytime.

Providing A Fabulous Place To Vacation Leaves Lifelong Memories

Give your renters a reason to share your property! Having an updated home with newer appliances, fixtures, furniture and accessories will give you top dollar in season. Your income will be phenomenal. You do know the saying, “You gotta spend money to make money!” don’t you?!

Vacationers love talking about their experience. It starts with their stay. If you provide a beautiful, eclectic place to sleep and eat…..they’ll forever love you giving you the referrals you desire. To get more money for your property, value it! Show them it’s worth the money.

vacation rental tips

I’m no genius but I do know some rad friends that want to stay in a pretty awesome vacation rental. It’s 2019 sassy ladies and gents! Get your homes styled, cleaned and more importantly BOOKED. Five star reviews don’t just happen because they’re beachfront. They happen when your place is up to date! When it smells good, when the linens are new, when there’s a washer/dryer on hand. These things make a difference. When the tile is cleaned, when the toilets not leaking. When the picture is not falling out of the frame.

Just recently I learned that NMB was named one of the safest places to live in South Carolina. This area is well known for tourists from all over the world. Isn’t that enough to make you want to invest. Myrtle Beach attracts enough people to get you top dollar for those vacation homes. They’ll be happy to pay a lot of money for a nice place. It’s a proven fact. Let’s give you the results you’re looking for. You won’t regret it.

I want to lastly mention that doing one thing and not the other is not good enough. Just because the place was cleaned doesn’t mean that someone wants to sit on a 50 year old sofa. The germs that are in older pieces of furniture is astounding. Don’t be a vacation home known for it’s neglect. Be the vacation rental that shows how proud the owner truly is.

As always, stay sassy! And remember, we’re your number one cleaning service here in MB.

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