Monday’s are typically the hardest days of the week to jump back into the grind! Heading back to work, school, kids going to daycare, etc. It’s actually some people’s favorite day of the week ( like mine ). Today we’ll talk about how you can get up and get back into the grind after a long weekend off if you’re feeling a sense of lag on these mornings. For me, as a house cleaner I’m trying to catch up on my own cleaning and so, the weekends are when I get to tackle our chores. Normally I follow the speed cleaning guidelines to ensure I get to enjoy some freedom on my days off as well.

5 ways to get up and grind

5 Sassy Ways To Get Back Into The Grind After A Relaxing Weekend

One would think that since you had so much time off that you’d be fully rejuvenated. However, more relaxation can continually slow you down. According to health studies, too much sleep/rest can interfere with your daily energy levels because your body is not used to it. Here’s what you can do to rise + grind on Monday mornings.

  • stay active on the weekends- giving yourself enough down time but enough busy time to balance out the two
  • only use your bed for sleeping purposes- naps are not allowed in bed. if you find yourself dozing off during the day because you’re extremely overwhelmed, try to do it in a chair
  • drink the same amount of coffee as you would during the week- the rule of thumb is to actually keep most of your daily activities the same (drinking less coffee is no exception)
  • have the weekend days planned out- having things to do at certain times will help keep you from over relaxing
  • set your alarm a half an hour earlier on Monday mornings to give you enough time to do your business before leaving the house- also do not go to sleep late on Sunday’s

keep eating healthy

By keeping your regular diet pretty much the same on the weekends will help give you a better week ahead. I know many people have ‘cheat’ days and some people want to drink more than the usual, so I recommend only one day of those ‘bad’ habits if you need. Not two.

On Sunday’s we eat fresh!

Relaxing is obviously healthy and we all need that in our lives to be able to function. Performance is everything as far as success goes. So try to remember that just because the weekend’s here, doesn’t mean SH*T. It’s just another day. Another day in the life of a busy mom, dad, doctor, nurse, teacher, blogger, etc.


After having a long weekend off it may seem really difficult to get back into the grind. However, when you treat these days off like pleasure + go getter, you find that rising on Monday morning isn’t so hard after all. Sometimes you can’t wait to start a new week over and that brings us to MOTIVATION. It’s a great way to start over, refresh, bring a new light in and be productive. The past is the past, let’s be the change and get moving.

Always raise the blinds when you wake. This is also a great way to get up and go. Coffee pot is set the night before and you’re ready to tackle the new week like a boss! Clothes are ironed the night before as well. Try to be as prepared as possible because being a step ahead is always the way to go to be ready for anything.

go for a run

One last thing- go for a walk or a mild run Sunday evening or the night before you go back to work. This isn’t just about Monday morning grind time….it’s really about any day of the week and allowing yourself to live a lifestyle that doesn’t get off track. Keep in mind that down time is important but balance is key. Weigh out the productivity with the relaxation and improve your well being overall, not just on weekdays. Remember these 3 things : healthy foods | staying active | scheduled routines ……. with these lifestyle habits, you’ll be able to tackle the work week without feeling overwhelm. Be the person that improves. Be the one who has their SH*T together!

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