One of my favorite things to do whether living in our own home or an apartment has been to move furniture around frequently. I love a NEW LOOK from time to time and somehow I gain enough energy to do it a few times a year!!! If you have the option of doing so, go for it. It’s refreshing to say the least. Some of my tips to stage a home is right here in this post with it being by TOP 5, of course.

When I notice the clutter piling up I decide to start tossing things away or relocating them. I very seldom find myself donating because over the last 20 years, I have been less of a hoarder and more of a minimalist, so it’s helped tremendously. However, if you need to get some boxes together to donate, get going!

With Spring right around the corner, I wanted to share my top 5 Staging Tips! This can be for the everyday housewife who wants a new look or someone prepping to sell their condo or whatever. Sometimes we just need new vibes in our lives!

House Staging Tips

1.) Eliminate everything you barely use! So if you are not using some of those piled up books, set them in a storage container and we’ll hide those away for now. If you have things in boxes, I recommend getting plastic storage bins or large zip lock bags to store things away that you aren’t using at the moment. This includes photo albums and personal decorations around the house that you could live without for now. I’m not saying put everything away, just limit what you plan to keep out! I own 2 of those ziplock flex totes and they’ve lasted over 15 years. They’re also very easy to store in closets, etc. Invest in storage trunks, they’re amazing.

2.) Your bedrooms should only have 3 main pieces of furniture it in. A bed, tall dresser (they take up less space) and a small nightstand. Get rid of everything else. Sell it, get a storage unit or donate it. Same with the living area. A sofa, chair and table! De-clutter the furniture items.

3.) Set your sofa away from the wall. We used to place ours up against the walls because it was or seemed like the right way to place them but over the years I have moved the couch in the middle of the room sometimes. Even in smaller spaces you can do this. Think of it as a gathering place to have a tea party or a coffee date, just seems more intimate and makes the room look better.

how to stage a home with these simple steps

4.) Real Flowers and Plants are a must. Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen or living area, even bedrooms—these simple pieces of decor are excellent home invitees.

5.) Use a lot of white. White anything makes it simple, less stressful and more attractive.

Good Luck. These are just my top faves when redoing a room or getting ready to move! Feel free to ask questions and don’t forget, you can always HIRE clean and sassy to do your makeovers!

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