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5 Rooms That Will Make You Smile

Hey everyone! Very busy week thus far. Working on finishing a painted furniture piece this morning and wrapping up some other things around the house before I head out today. If you need an appointment or know someone who needs a good cleaning, book now on Facebook. We are offering same day cleanings for the essential package and open until 6 PM. Not to mention the deals you’re going to get on this specific choice. So always ask about pricing.

I’m always trying to find inspiration and ideas as far as blog posts go, so today I’m just sharing 5 things (rooms) that I thought would make you smile too!

Check out this all white room with open windows that look straight into the back yard. I’m a huge fan of furniture covers, these ones by Robin Style are a.) farmhouse look b.) clean and sassy 🙂

Large rooms with lots of books always make my day! The full studio tour can be found here. Once again, there’s a white slipcover for that chair and a pretty window overlooking the gorgeous outdoors view.

Airy, open, clean and white spaces are my favorite. Sometimes when you live in a dark place it invades your daily moods. Creating elegant rooms to live in to increase healthy minds is currently my goal. I love cleaning because it relaxes and awards you at the same time. The same goes for getting new pieces to wake you up and stimulate those hormones that make you happy aka endorphin’s!

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When we moved into our apartment I remember thinking that I couldn’t make it my own because it wasn’t ours to begin with and how silly is that. It’s yours whether you rent, own or lease, so get that out of your heads. Your decorating doesn’t get put ON HOLD because you rent my friends. I mentioned before that I like to transform rooms a lot by moving furniture around, changing wall art and redesigning with things we already have.

Outdoor living here in SW FL is perfect for those who love warmer weather. I can’t tell you how happy I am sitting in a chair just listening to the birds chirp and reading a book. If this room doesn’t make you smile……

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In The Bedroom. Bedrooms are our sanctuaries!! They just are. I often dream of a larger room to create sitting areas, walk out to the back yard, enjoy looking out those french doors and even having breakfast in there. Who wouldn’t smile waking up in this room:

Low beds make me happy! What makes you happy as far as decorating and rooms go?! Please share. XO

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