If you haven’t learned by now…..my love for doing laundry is pretty fabulous. There are days when I’m like, ‘uh…..no laundry for me to do?!’ Seriously. I remember not having a ton of clothes growing up. My mom bought us 5 outfits each and we had those to work with for the rest of the year. I had always thought it was because we were poor (and we were) but I thought, ‘When I grow up, I’ll have lots of clothes in my closets.” And truthfully I’m not as much of a clothing guru as my little sister! With minimalism taking over, I currently have barely any clothes in my closets! Thanks Mom.

minimal womens clothing

One would think that if you only have very little clothing then that’s more laundry…..ERRRRRRGH, wrong! The truth is that with more clothing in your wardrobes, you have way MORE laundry to do. Think about it this way: if you eliminate the massive amounts of things you have, the less you have to clean them. Make sense? I hope so.


1.) Organize your clothing into color coded category. This may seem like common sense to people but to some it’s really going to be a life savor. We have a small family so I still end up finding some of those whites mixed in with the colors but for me that’s not a big issue because I sort everything out when I’m at the washing station. Getting different baskets for these colors will help immensely.

2.) Stop waiting until you have full loads. This is not a rule. In fact it creates more stress with ‘getting caught up’. Start doing loads by the small + medium versus the large and extra large buttons on your wash machine. It may seem like you’re doing more laundry but trust me on this, you are not. So if your baskets are half full, start a load. Doing laundry a couple times a week rather than once a week is going to be a game changer for sure.

3.) Create a pattern and a comfortable atmosphere in the laundry area. We do not have a huge space but keeping the top of the machines clean and organized helps with the way I keep up with actually doing the laundry. I set a small basket or two on the dryer for products and supplies I need to clean the clothing and I keep big bulky hampers out of the room completely. Floor space always needs to be clear, so that I can easily access the washer + dryer. If you have above cabinets or shelving, keep these areas organized always.

how to stay on top of laundry
tips on keeping up with your laundry

If you’re doing laundry at the laundromat then the same tips apply. Organize your clothing according to color, delicates, etc……Go at least 3 times a week (if needed) and create a fun chore instead of a daunting task. Fold immediately.

4.) Fold + Put Away As Soon As You Possibly Can- leaving the clothes in the dryer just makes them wrinkly, creating more work for yourselves and not putting away just creates more stress. So organize a routine that embeds in your head (literally) and constantly do laundry like this:

  • organize/sort your colors, whites, dry cleaning only, towels + linens
  • wash in small or medium load cycles instead of large
  • empty the wash immediately when the load is finished
  • dry completely and empty the dryer
  • fold, put away and hang anything that needs hanging

Remember that having the right supplies like baskets/bins, calendar reminders, cleaning products, organizational things and treating the chore like it’s something fun to do will help keep you on top of it. And as far as having the kids or anyone else help……ahhhhhhh, that’s totally up to you! I sometimes think it’s just easier for me to do and then on specific days (if the day is going accordingly, I’ll have the girls or even Doug help!) all depends.

Until next time——->stay in touch + read our past posts! xoxo and hire us if you dislike laundry in general.

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