It took me years to realize that I didn’t need the stuff that I was holding onto. Not to mention the fact that I would probably never even use it. I would pack things away and travel with them believing that one day I could create something with it. Sound familiar? For most, this is a daily struggle. I work with clients that have a hard time throwing papers away (newspapers, receipts, etc), stuff they don’t need but the struggle with letting ‘things’ go is real my friends! But I’m here to help. If there’s anything that I want out of this cleaning business, it is to make a huge difference in people’s lives. The act of cleaning is going to change your lives immensely.

Learning How To Declutter Without Feeling Guilty

We recently started a project that unfortunately will not be finished the way I envisioned. Sometimes the process of decluttering takes time, sometimes even years. While I would love to do my job professionally + thoroughly, I have to respect the clients lifestyle and the ultimate outcome is totally up to them. You have to want to live better and make changes for yourselves.

Here’s 3 simple ways that you can start decluttering in order to live a more minimalist style.

Start small. I remember when I let go of my first vintage book. I collected them and knew that I wanted a huge old book collection but we relocate a lot and I came to realize that I would never { never say never } be able to display them the way I wished. I bundled them up in a lot of 3 and wrapped with a twine bow, put a $4 tag on it and sold at a craft show. The woman who purchased them was so happy to find vintage books and I felt better about letting them go that way!

Don’t think anymore about what you might do with it…..just let go. If you find yourself thinking too much about an item in your home/office, then you don’t come to grips with getting rid of anything. In my most recent post about speed cleaning, I talk about doing it FAST. The idea is to do it quick so that you have less time to think and the decluttering just happens.

Pick a color…..any color!

For me, I chose white. I love the classic clean look in my home and white towels + linens do it for us. They also smell better when you wash them. I would recommend choosing a color { one color } to have in your living space. Whether it’s towels, kitchen items, etc……stick to one color and/or similar and TOSS the rest.

You can’t have a mixture of colors, you just can’t!

the reason i say this is because it helps with the process of elimination-

When you start small by getting rid of one thing at a time, it eventually turns into two things, then four things, etc, etc….And by picking a color to call your own gives you a new habit of desire and taste. I’m all about style, so when it comes to choice of color, pick something you’re attracted to and get rid of the ugly + the old.

Enjoy a new sense of FREEDOM

When you begin to let go, you provide THERAPY + FREEDOM to yourself! And there’s nothing more powerful than taking care of YOU! Feeling a sense of freedom when you declutter will happen immediately. You just have to trust and believe in this process.

Form a buddy system. I tell Doug to remind me to clear out the closets at least once a month because if I do this, it embeds in my head. Even if he forgets to tell me, I constantly tell myself. Have a friend or family member remind you to get rid of things. This helps if they join in too. It’s kind of like a party!

Sticking with these 3 simple things will allow you to overcome the ‘holding onto’ stuff. Start small, pick a color and form a buddy system. When you combine these you’ll notice a dramatic difference in your lives. Your mood and vibes enhance, giving you a really good feeling about yourself and your living situations.

It’s Time To Breathe Once Again

As I mentioned earlier, this is a process that takes time to notice a difference. Especially if you struggle with letting go. The more you do little by little, the better the outcome will be. It’s a new year, make it a goal, a resolution, a feel good moment for you and your home. And remember that the only true way to clean……is to declutter! For now my sassy friends, stay positive + keep looking forward.

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