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How To Stay Focused On Cleaning When Running A Busy Household

Growing up we had daily chores with one day off. Yep… guessed. Sunday’s were the only days that we didn’t have to clean anything. I grew up in a very structured home. Most of our family did. My youngest sister has four boys and you’d be amazed at how well she maintains not just a clean home but a very organized lifestyle.

cleaning isn’t just a chore……it’s a way of life

It’s important for me to share this with you because I see how crazy, busy life can get and somehow one thinks that cleaning is the last thing on the ‘to do’ list but it’s essentially one of the first things that should be done. It’s extremely easy to get off track, so here’s some of my tips to help you stay focused.

Finding The Balance Between Cleaning + Family

With my everyday cleaning tips and these suggestions to help you stay focused, you’ll be the happiest person living in your home because YOU made it happen. Not everyone will become accustom to this walk of life but that’s why there’s HOUSE CLEANERS…….they’re there to help you create a clean + cozy space.

How To Stay Focused On Cleaning

  • make a chart or print one to hang either on the fridge or on an office wall. This creates a pattern of doing it since you’re actually seeing that it needs to be done.
  • make mental notes daily! It’s so easy to forget to clean if you don’t remind yourself constantly. It’s almost like a nagging boyfriend that keeps saying, “you wanna come over?”
  • don’t save it for another day because that day may never come. Try to do things right away. I’m guilty of just walking by things that need cleaning but then I quickly remind myself that I need to go grab all those clothes and hang them properly.
  • do chores together. When I was growing up we used to ask for help. It truly comes in hand when you get older as well. We always do things together to get them done faster.
  • plan your night accordingly. If you know you have to head out, load the dishwasher beforehand.
  • before you go to bed make sure the washer/dryer and kitchen sink is empty. I live by this rule because I don’t want to wake up to doing chores ( even though i’m sure something will arise ).
  • write things down……did it ever dawn on you that we can still use a paper and pen. It’s not silly to write a simple note to remind yourself to clean something. It’s really not. Or write one for the kids.
  • implement consequences. Not only for the kids not doing their chores but for you when you forget to do them too! Say sorry to your girlfriend who wants to go out for dinner – you forgot to put all your laundry away, so you can’t!

Maybe Next Time You’ll Hang Your Clothes Up

It’s really not about punishing yourselves. It’s about structure. About a lifestyle that’s healthy to maintain. If you stop and listen to what truly needs to be done, then you’ll feel so much better about how you’re living. None of this is easy. It takes time, consistency and determination. It takes togetherness. If you’re alone and struggling, consider hiring help. It makes a huge difference in how you feel internally and externally.

If you really want to stay focused, take before and after pictures. I often do this just to see my progress and it helps a crap ton!!! Tackle one room at a time and you could even get into moving things around a bit. It just helps to see your improvements. Feel free to share on social media, with a friend via text, etc…..anything that gets you motivated to clean, DO IT!!!

Follow inspiration boards on Pinterest. I think this helps to stay focused on what you’re trying to accomplish if you keep scrolling that topic.

It’s not easy to maintain a clean home if you have several people living there that don’t help! I see this with a lot of my clients. I will recommend that if you are HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD, lay down the law. Make rules, remind everyone that they need to pitch in and if they don’t then there will be consequences. Sassy Boss Status. ( hey, that’s how I grew up! I was always grounded, LOL )

If your children are young, teach them now how to help around the house! It goes a LONG way. My aunt used to remind us daily to do our chores. It’s forever stuck in my head. I’ll be honest. Sometimes homes get out of control and life slips us by…..but it’s how we get back up again. It’s perfectly okay to skip scrubbing the tub this week. Just don’t forget to tackle it next week!

Families That Clean Together, Enjoy Life Together

Tell us how you stay focused on cleaning your home, and how you maintain a structured lifestyle.

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