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DIY Minimal Classy Bar For Small Spaces

Last week I was cleaning a clients home and instantly noticed the set up on his counter top. The cutting board had 6 wine glasses, a bottle of Crown Royal and a decanter on it. I’ll be honest, I never thought about putting a little bar on a cutting board before. As I dusted the wine glasses out I thought about some pretty classy set ups for doing your own mini bar in such a small living area. Currently we live in a two bedroom apartment with minimal counter space.

DIY Minimal Classy Bar Set Up

Take a butcher block, cutting board or an organizing tray to start your mini bar station. I found this gorgeous black and gold striped one at TJMaxx for $1. Yes, a dollar! Scour those clearance racks my friends.

You can either place on the counter tops, a small table or even a dining room table. I purchased this Almanzar writing desk that I use for literally EVERYTHING. It’s lightweight, easy to transfer from room to room and fits lovely in small living spaces. I even take it to craft shows, etc.

Every bar needs a variety, so I placed different glasses for different purposes on the tray. The decanter was a freebie on the curb. I found about 4 empty whiskey bottles in a box on the curb last year when the community hosted it’s annual rummage sale. Hunt for those free signs. Another man’s trash is my pleasure! Some trash is classy thank you very much.

DIY Mini Bar

Whenever I’m building a bar, I consider using the same type of set up for coffee, tea parties, etc. It’s easily transferable and that’s what’s great about it. The idea is to keep it minimal so that you can take down quickly and put it back up just as fast.

We don’t have a lot of glasses in our cupboards……I vowed to keep it very minimal when we moved to this apartment. I even got rid of a ton of coffee mugs if you can believe that! So keeping glasses exposed is traditionally a ‘thing’ now. However, it can take some getting used to.

When Life Gives You Lemons……Make Mini Bars

1.) Set out only what you need. If you have a few guests coming over, 2-4 glasses is appropriate.

2.) One bottle at a time. Put the liquor or wine out in small portions. When the bottle is low, refill with a bottle from under the cabinet.

3.) Don’t over accessorize. Keep the decor accents to a minimum.

4.) Switch out trays and decor as much as you’d like. I change my mini bar station every couple of days.

If you have glasses, a cutting board and a few guests that may be heading over, create a classy mini bar to display your favorite drinks. It’s fun and exciting…..especially if you live in a small place!

What’s your favorite alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage? I’d love to hear.

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