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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes + Why I Don’t Spot Clean

If you need a little sassy boost on how to organize your makeup, click here! I was never heavily into makeup brushes (and I’m still really not) but my 19 year old daughter aka makeup queen is. She’s an avid lover of all things beauty and we’re both going to be sharing our simple ways to clean your makeup brushes and why I don’t ‘spot clean’. It’s important to purchase GOOD brushes. This is because your face deserves quality when it comes to applying anything to it. You should first know that we have sensitive skin and if we don’t follow a specific facial routine, we flare up! Not good. So, let’s clean your makeup brushes simply + all naturally ……

How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes-

Once a week. I wash mine once a week if I use them a lot. If not, every 2 weeks. Really depends on how much you use them. Mack washes hers weekly. Sometimes 2X a week! Really pay attention to your skin care routine to see how often you need to wash your brushes.

Why Can’t I Use One Brush For Everything-

You just can’t! Your face will blow up with extreme cross contamination issues! Use one brush for your eye shadow, one for blush, one for concealer, so on and so forth. Seems like common sense but there’s several girls I know that do this and they wonder why they break out so much. Use a different brush for different areas of your face! The dirt buildup from your brush harbors a lot of bacteria that is not healthy for your skin.

all natural makeup brush cleaning

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes-

My daughter and I were cleaning her brushes one week and we both discovered the easiest way to clean them.

You Will Need:

  • BB concentrate (since we went all natural this is what we use! you can use a lightly scented shampoo or dish soap if you prefer)
  • warm water
  • white bath towel

how to clean makeup brushes with all natural cleaner

Start by gathering all of your brushes that need cleaning and running the warm water. You can either clean one at a time or a few, just as long as your getting each bristle washed. Apply a good dab of the branch basics soap (concentrate) to your fingertips and gently rub the brush thoroughly. You can start rinsing the bristles after you’ve rubbed the soap through them and begin the rinsing process. Continue to do this until the soap is all gone.

White Towels Are The Best

Next you’ll want to lay the brushes on a white towel. I use white linens for everything because they are more pure. It’s true. When you wash white towels, hairs are less likely to cling to them and they always smell cleaner than colored towels. Trust me on this, use white.

Please Note: If for some reason you are not happy with how soft the bristles are after washing them, use conditioner to apply after you’ve rinsed the soap! Then rinse again.

We usually wash our brushes in the evening so they have ample time to air dry overnight.

makeup brush cleaning
a simple way to clean your makeup brushes

The reason why I don’t spot clean my brushes is because I rarely use a ton of makeup! Unless you’re a complete makeup slob, you don’t need to clean in between cleaning weekly. I use very light blush and several different brushes for every part of my face. Obviously my daughter uses eye shadow much more than I, so she needs to dab the brushes in between cleanings and she does that with a cotton pad or paper towel and just warm water.

How To Spot Clean-

using a damp paper towel or cotton pad to run your brush back and forth removing the makeup: you don’t need soap or anything, just warm water!

An All Natural Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It’s really about simplicity and not using harsh chemicals to clean with. If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe down below where it says ‘Become a Sassy Member’. You’ll get updates on posts, deals on cleanings, etc….etc! If you want to know how we clean a specific thing, leave a comment below! xoxo clean brushes means happy glowing faces!!!!

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