the fastest way to clean a fridge
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The Quickest Way To Clean Your Fridge

You can absolutely clean your refrigerator fast even if there are food items still in it. And no, you don’t have to remove everything! We recently started doing more deep cleans for clients and that includes the interior appliances. Rule number one: don’t stress. It’s a really simple process and I’m glad to walk you through it.

How To Clean Your Fridge Fast + Easy

1.) fill the sink ( or bucket) with hot water & start throwing anything in the fridge that needs tossing away

2.) dip half of your microfiber cloth into the hot water and use this to wipe down doors, glass shelving and drawers- you’ll have to move a couple things around but it’s not necessary to take food out of the fridge, just slide it aside to wipe and then you can place it back

quickest way to clean the fridge

3.) using the dry side of the cloth remove any water residue or loose food particles

It’s important to remember that in an effort to do this fast, we’re only cleaning with hot water because food doesn’t need to get contaminated with any cleaning products!

4.) if the drawers are a hot mess- remove them and soak in hot water (use dish soap if needed) : typically after a couple minutes, the food gets loose and you can rinse, place back into the fridge

Honestly if you just take the time to quickly wipe the fridge every week, it’ll be a greater place to store your food! Do a little organizing while you’re in there. Makes for happy bakers.

For a deep clean on the fridge, remove everything, throw stuff that you no longer need away and use hot water and soap! There’s really no need for harsh chemicals. Refrigerators are probably the easiest thing to clean if you maintain on a healthy basis. Stay tuned for more simple ideas on how to keep your kitchen clean!


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