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How To Keep Your House Plants Warm

It’s that time of year again and you know how I love to keep my plants alive all year round. The top five that I listed back in spring was when we were living in Florida. Since moving to South Carolina, we have added new house plants to our home. Our succulents and air purifying plants did extremely well in the summer months. I’m so thankful for the big windows in our new place because this gal needs natural sunlight.

How To Keep Your House Plants Warm

1.) Wrap them – I used white towel cloths to provide extra warmth. Some people use bubble wrap but I like to dress mine pretty! So, I just took a couple kitchen towels and wrapped them like they were a baby!

2.) Keep them away from windows unless you still get a ton of natural light coming in. The draft from the window cracks will kill them. Or you can cover the windows with plastic. I wake up every morning and tell Doug it’s too cold in the bedrooms. I had to move the plants from a table I had in there because it’s bitter at night.

3.) Don’t water so much. Let the plants dry out a little and use a tray to set them in to get the water from the bottom of the pan/tray to provide humidity. Spray the leaves when they look thirsty. If the soil has mold, you’re watering too much. I made the mistake of thinking my water loving plants needed more water per week. They don’t! Even if that specific plant calls for it, wait until they’re just about dried out before you water again.

how to keep plants warm

4.) If you notice your plants in distress, they probably need more light. Get them in an area that you can supply good lighting for them. I tend to move mine under the kitchen light where it provides some warmth. I also set up a lamp on a stack of books beside the plants placed in a galvanized tub. For some reason this helps them a ton.

5.) Bundle them together. I typically have my plants spaced out but not anymore. They are often placed on top of each other. I guess the best places to keep them in are the kitchen and bathrooms but I can’t. So I revert to the watering method as mentioned above.

6.) Don’t feed them with fertilizer or re-pot them until spring.

caring for plants in the winter
helpful tips to keep plants alive in the winter

As my plants were showing signs of distress, I immediately took in that mother nature plan of attack and thought about body heat. Much like humans, plants can keep warm + snug by being close together. I’m no expert on plant life but I do sure enjoy keeping mine around for a long while. I like the curtains for plants idea. Maybe I’ll do this later.

How do you keep your babies warm?

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