cleaning tips for big floors
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How To Clean Big Floors Fast and Easy

When we get a client with a big home, the first thing that I notice are the types of floors. In this cleaning business it’s essential to know what works and what doesn’t. If you have pets, this post will help also. Often times big spaces seem intimidating but here’s the fast and easy way to handle those large flooring areas in your home.

Cleaning Tips for Big Floors

This quick and easy method can be used on hardwood, ceramic tiles, laminate, carpet and more! Obviously we do what’s best for us but while you’re trying this 4 step process, let us know how you like it.

how to clean big floors
a fast and easy way to get those hardwood floors cleaned

1.) Vacuum all the borders first! This helps eliminate all the dust, hairs and dirt that’s hiding in your baseboards. While you’re using the hose look around the main parts of the floor and swipe up any large particles. Pick up anything by hand that can’t get stuck in the vacuum cleaner like: hair ties, small toys, bobby pins, price tags, etc.

2.) Now sweep the floors. While keeping the vacuum nearby, sweep all the floors into the center of the room or into a corner space. I always work my way inward. I then suck up the pile of dirt into the vacuum hose.

3.) Using a microfiber mop and Bona, I clean hardwood floors. This one works best for larger floors. For ceramic tile, I use a steam mop. For carpets just vacuum all areas including the staircase.

4.) After you mop, you will need to pick up any dirt and dust that seemed to have escaped both those cleaning methods. Run the broom back over anything that needs touch up. Or just suck it up with the hose again.

All in all you will need a good vacuum with hose attachments, a decent broom, and a mop. With these three things you should be able to get those big floors cleaned in a matter of 20 minutes or less!

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