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8 Things You Must Do For Fall Cleaning

Hi friends! It’s fall and the party monsters are ready for some action! Whether you’re hosting a Halloween gathering for the kids or adults, this 8 ‘must do’ list will create that cozy place for guests. My all time cleaning tips are basic and straight to the point. If you are in a hurry, this is fabulous too because who has time to DEEP CLEAN?! Yes, I said it! No one has time for that. Here’s 8 things you must do for fall cleaning. Especially if you’re in a neighborhood where your kids invite all their friends over!!

fall cleaning tips 8 Essential Cleaning Tips For Fall

1.) Declutter the shoe entry area. If you have an overload of shoe pile up, the first thing you’ll want to do is eliminate the clutter near the doorway. Leave only the shoes that everyone normally wears neat and organized on a bookshelf or in a basket bin hiding under a storage chest. This creates a more intriguing invite. No one wants to be stumbling over shoes when they enter your home.

2.) If you don’t have a coat rack, now is the time to get one. Same thing as the shoes. Have a neat rack behind your door or in the hallway where people can hang their sweaters and coats. If you have a closet then use that closet just for those purposes.

fall coat racks

3.) Clean off the dining room table and counter tops. Only decorative items should be on these for the holidays. A pile of clutter is a no no. I typically clear everything off and then wipe down with an all purpose cleaner, put back anything that belongs and relocate any items that don’t.

4.) Sweep and vacuum all the floors in your home at least 3 times a week leading up to inviting guests over. We have wood floors so it’s really an every other day kinda routine but if you keep up with this weekly it shouldn’t be bad when your friends and family join for some late night games.

5.) Go through the fridge and remove all expired foods and leftovers. Wipe down the drawers and create a clean space for when guests grab that apple cider out…..they’re not suddenly surprised with an overwhelming funk odor or splatters everywhere.

6.) Toilets are so important to keep clean. If it’s one thing that bothers me the most, it is these! Scrub your toilet in less than 2 minutes. Swirl the cleaner around each interior, walk away and grab your all purpose spray to clean the exterior, go back and wipe the seats and outer toilet, finally take the wand and scrub the interior. Don’t forget the dust on the tank lid!

7.) Always make the beds. I stress this enough but it’s so very true. It makes for less discomfort in the home if you just take a few minutes to dress the bedding!

8.) Saved the best for last! Porches, patios, lanai’s, and the yard. You must keep these spaces cleaned for sanity. Mow the grass, hire a landscaper, I don’t care BUT keep your front and back yards appealing. Sweep the porch off, throw some mums out, get the cobwebs off the doors and windows and have a party!!!

I love this time of year, don’t you? What are your fall cleaning tips. Share your pics on IG. As always, you can hire us if you have no time to clean, de-clutter or stage your home! Happy to help.

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