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2 Things You Need To Clean Your Baseboards

Baseboards used to be a dreadful task for me…..until the day I started actually cleaning them with two simple things and then, they quickly became one of my favorite things to clean. Not everyone loves getting down on their hands and knees. Especially to clean! But it’s important if you run a busy household or if you get a load of sun rays in on a daily basis. Dust is harmful to so many families. My little one suffers from asthma and allergies. So, maintaining a clean home is crucial. Really, all you need to clean your baseboards are two things.

how to clean your baseboards
a simple way to eliminate dust in your home

I always vacuum the baseboard tops when I’m running the vacuum hose. It just helps to keep them cleaner longer. After this I use a simple microfiber cloth and warm water. That’s it. Dust, hairs and debris come right off. It’s only annoying that you have to get that low to do it but if you stand using a piece of equipment to remove dirt from baseboards, you won’t necessarily get everything clean. It’s just easier to get down low, sit on your tush.

What You’ll Need:

a bowl of warm water

microfiber cloths

How To Clean Your Baseboards:

sit on your tush or grab a knee pad

dip the upper cloth part into the water and start rubbing the baseboard back and forth

flip to the dry end and swipe over to dry ( this removes all the dust )

repeat as you go around the room

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How do you clean your baseboards? Are you an all natural cleaner using just water as well?!

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