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Dreamy Beach Home Makeovers

Last week we cleaned a beach home that was cute but darn right out of date! I love a good vintage setting but there’s a right way and a wrong way to design ‘old’ things. I know because I have a mindset of a designer. A gorgeous beach home deserves dreamy beach home makeover touches, if you know what I mean. If you’re lucky enough to own a beach home and rent it out weekly but the decor needs a lotta love, then have no fear; Clean and Sassy is here.


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When I get the chance to clean a new home and realize that it needs to be redesigned, my heart skips beats like you can’t imagine. I visualize the after while I’m cleaning and am sure to let the owners know that I offer redesigning as well. I’m not just any ol’ cleaning company, I enjoy adding new touches also. Mentally I cannot stand ‘not’ being able to do the service because my heart wants to re-do it so bad. But it’s not my home. And so, I just write a post here letting everyone know what their rooms are capable of looking like.

before living room beach makeover
myrtle beach vacation rental cleaning and redesign

As you can see the above photo has all older furnishings and although this beach home is accessible to 10+ guests, it just doesn’t make you feel cozy enough. I think I can relate to everyone when I say, “If I’m going on VACA, I want to feel snug!” That means a clean, relaxing place to calm after you’ve been playing in the sand all day. Here below, I will share some ideas of how your after could be:

beach house makeover after

Now if anyone understands a budget, it’s me!!! I’m a frugal gal and get excited whenever I find a deal, so shopping for a client who wants a room makeover is easy for me. Not every item in the home needs to be tossed to the dumpster. As far as painting goes, I love to slap on a white coat of paint and distress it to give that ‘beachy’ vibe. The tables in this beach home just need some TLC, so I would finish them up by cleaning and painting them and adding new decor on top.

white living room furniture

Cleaning up the sofa and chairs and adding a white slip cover goes a LONG way! I would easily add a pop of color with plush pillows, floral settings, books and lighting. The idea is to stick to a budget. If you hire me, you’ll have a gorgeous makeover…I promise. I get not wanting to update vacation rentals because you think that the stuff will get ruined (there’s a ton of young kids who like to party) HOWEVER, there are those guests who want to see the decor that goes along with their environment.

myrtle beach vacation home makeover

Think about the income you could bring in if your place was up to speed?! Simple touches like throw blankets, new soap in the bathrooms, fresh new linens on the beds makes a HUGE difference. I can do that for you! Each and every time you get a new guest, I can maintain the property giving it a taste of life for each new person that rents your beach home.

before beach master makeover
One of 4 bedrooms in dire need to redecorating!

Something I see a lot of when I am cleaning is the failure to throw old things not worthy of keeping any longer away! I can’t stress it enough. Do NOT be afraid to get rid of an old picture on the wall that doesn’t belong there anymore. It’s falling out of the frame, it’s collected 60 years of dust on the inside and the frame is coming apart. Get it gone! You’ll feel so much better. Flea markets and thrift stores are notorious for finding new, great pieces but you have to dig in order to find!! That’s where I come in because I LOVE to thrift shop! It’s my all time favorite thing to do and once again, the thrill is in the find. If I can redecorate a room for you on a dime…..think about how awesome the both of us would feel. It’s really all about how you display it. And I can work wonders.

beach home bedroom makeover

Remember that when you accommodate your guests your furnishings and little touches will leave their vacation time more memorable. It’s always the little things. I can’t wait to clean more beach homes. I am offering my makeover package to anyone that needs it. I’d love to redesign any room for you. If you need one room done at a time or multiple rooms, I can certainly handle it. Allow me to show your before and afters to my friends and fam. Clean and Sassy is a fabulous cleaning business with style in design. Book your appointment today by calling 239-287-8228. Like us on FB and Follow us on Twitter.

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If you have a room that needs to be redesigned and you are interested in working together to build our portfolio, contact cleaningwithsass AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!!!

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