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How To Redesign On A Dime

This topic gets me going because I love to redesign my own living space quite often. Today I am going to tell you how to redesign on a dime because yes, it is very possible! Looking at my own living room I notice that simply moving the sofa makes a huge difference. I also notice that I dislike the color of it. Initially you would think, ‘get a new one’ but that is not happening right now. Then I remembered that I did a post regarding rooms that will make you smile and one of the very first photos had furniture with gorgeous slip covers. So my sassy friends without further ado…how you can redesign a room on a dime.

redesign on a dime
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How To Redesign On A Dime

Take a look at what you’re working with. Redesigning is all about using what you already have in a different way. The sofa for instance. A simple, elegant white slip cover is going to make this room more vibrant, open and spacious. We had it on an angle because I do not like anything up against the wall. We just pivoted it to a position like this:

sofa slipcover

It’s still away from the wall just facing straight ahead. Using what we have but updating it to give it a classier look.

    • cover old furniture
    • re-position
    • move artwork around ( take some down from another room and see how it looks in the room you’re redesigning )
    • add decorative pillows
    • bring in a plant
    • lay down an area rug : this is my current obsession because these cute little things make any room just pop

3 Things You Already Have That You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Use As Decor

-old books ( stack them on top of one another and place a little cactus plant or candle on top of it )

-window treatments ( look in the closets for curtains you may have forgotten about and dress up a window for something fresh )

-a pitcher ( this is my favorite because instead of using a vase to place flowers in, I almost always grab a pitcher or glass jar )

Putting fresh cut flowers in a pitcher, vase or jar and setting it on an end stand brightens the room. To keep them fresher longer:

      • cut the stems at an angle
      • use cold water and fill 3/4 of the way
      • change the water every 2 days
      • indirect light is key

Mix Match. The rooms in my home barely ever match. I have different designs and funky colors throughout. Although I love white everything, I tend to purchase what’s on sale and make it work.

Paint one wall. Not all walls in the room, just one. This gives a really eclectic vibe when you walk in. The redesign for less comes in when you find a fabulous color on clearance at your favorite home improvement store.

one wall painted

By following these simple steps you can surely come out redesigning a room on a dime in no time. It’s all about the visualization and bringing it to life on a budget.

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