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How To Go Out Of Your Element When It Comes To Choice of Color

When I started painting furniture back in 2013, I played with a lot of bold colors and then reverted to all white. At one point I found myself selling more white painted furniture than any other color. However, if you’re not in the resell business and looking for a pop of color this summer, this post is for you! I love old pieces. Especially in every room of the house. It makes me feel like I belong. A lot of random places now have modern day furniture for less. TJMaxx and Home Goods often have funky, bright colored end stands, nightstands and even dressers. I’ve found a ton of cute, smaller tables at Target that bring life to any room. But how do you go out of your element when it comes to choosing a color other than white. My list here will help you become a color hunter.

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I often catch myself wanting a piece I spot that is out of the norm and then walk away stating, “Na, it’ll never work!” Who’s with me? I have to stop doing this. And learn how to love COLOR once again. Initially this was because I didn’t own my own home and often move a lot. Wait….does that mean you can’t LIVE? Yea, no. Hello! this is the absolute perfect time to start shopping for brighter furniture, paintings, decor pieces and more!!!

How To Go Out Of Your Element When It Comes To Choice Of Color

    • think about the room you are wanting to change- for me it is usually our guest bedroom but this can be any room in your home that you want some fresh breath of light in. How much do you want to change in there?
    • window and magazine shop first- this allows you to get comfortable looking at colorful furniture, walls, and decor.
    • pick a focal piece- is it going to be a credenza, tall dresser, nightstand, coffee table, etc. When you’ve picked the piece ( could even be a painting ) you can then decide how to work around that color.
    • now that you know what room and what piece you want to attract attention, you can hunt for the color. Remember… can’t be white, lol!
    • picking a color could be based on a variety of things: your favorite color, your mood, the town you live in, the routine in your home, whether you want to photograph it to share on social media, etc. It’s almost like your choice of color is going to define you for the rest of the year, perhaps longer. Here’s an article that explains how colors define you.
    • start small- this is extremely helpful if you’re not used to bold anythings! If you start by getting one thing that has color ( not grabbing a bunch of bold colors and throwing them together ) and don’t overwhelm from the get go, you’ll learn to adapt.
    • shop around- if you’re nervous then don’t grab the first bold piece you see; take your time choosing a color.

Sometimes I get really anxious when shopping for new furniture or paint, so I would suggest bringing a friend to have a second set of eyes for opinions. That way you’re not feeling the burden of color craze.

bold blue rooms

Here’s a fabulous post on several blue and yellow rooms to inspire you to color hunt for your piece. It helps to have a glance at images from different perspectives. If you’re still feeling hesitant about a colorful room then :

Just go for it! Don’t think about it, don’t stress, just do it! The overall color scheme will look fabulous no matter what color you end up choosing. It’s all about just shooting for something different and learning to go out of your element!

What is your favorite color, by the way?! Be sure to share your designs with @itsasassylife.

And remember- be bold, be beautiful, be you!

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Choosing Bright, Bold, Beautiful Colors to Go Out of Your Element

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