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5 Ways To Remove Stains On Anything

When I want to remove stains from clothing I easily resort to Purex. Directly pour a small amount on the stain by letting it sit for a few hours and then wash the piece with some stain remover as well. If that doesn’t work I immediately put a dab of blue dawn dish soap on the stain and then throw it away if the mess doesn’t come out but that’s very rare. I typically always get stains out. Lately, I’ve been using baking soda to do the dirty work for me. Basically on everything. So here’s 5 ways to remove stains on anything.

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  • Baking soda will clean tubs and showers easily. I know everyone is used to good ol’ products from cleaning companies but I’m here to tell you it’s as simple as a little box to remove grime, soap scum, stains from your coffee pots and more.
  • Dawn dish soap is my all time favorite. I use it on clothing, tubs, sinks, mirrors and stove tops. If you want to remove a stain whether it’s on tile or a shirt, just pour some blue soap on it and let it sit for a while before you scrub it. I normally start my house cleanings with pouring a swirl in the tubs and then walking away to do a load of laundry, start another room, etc. This allows the soap to do the work for you. It’s fabulous. Also perfect for hair dye removal.
  • I’m usually skeptical about stuff on the internet but toilet bowl cleaner with bleach in it removes harsh stains from grout. I recently tried on a clients home in their bathroom just along the edges where it gets really nasty and all you have to do is pour directly on the stain, leave it sit for a while, come back and wipe it clean.
  • Rubbing alcohol removes marker stains and nail polish off counter tops and sinks.
  • Lysol wipes tend to remove stains off the wall without harming the paint. I just recently removed urine stains off a wall and baseboard.

5 Ways To Remove Stains On Anything

There’s a lot of things I have yet to try but these are my go to’s. For now, they do the trick. I’m not sure about using any of these on carpets. If there’s a drop of paint on the floor I usually snip it with a pair of scissors. If you watch my IG stories you may have seen myself cutting the dried paint off the carpet. If it’s a wine stain I just use soap and water and scrub. If it doesn’t come out I soak it with Resolve.

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