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Same Day Cleaning

We are officially announcing our same day cleaning services. We’ve been lucky enough to expand our clientele through this offer and find it to be much more effective in growing our business here in Southwest Florida. It’s super convenient for you because you don’t have to wait to get your homes cleaned.

Now Offering Same Day House Cleaning In Naples Florida

same day cleaning
Naples Florida same day cleaning services

We improve your well being by giving you that sparkling shine every time. With same day house cleaning, you’ll be able to live life stress free, breathe fresher air and come home to a sanitary atmosphere!

  • We work with you to fit you in the exact day you’re calling
  • We respond to texts and voicemails promptly
  • We do a deep, thorough clean regardless if it’s last minute
  • We’re professional, fast and reliable

Same Day House Cleaning is perfect for last minute party planning, unexpected guests arriving, or a simple pampering to surprise your spouse when they get home from a long day at work.

Need a quick cleaning because there was a maintenance issue?

C & S is there. We’ve got you covered. Slime, Grime, Dusty Air….we don’t care; we just like to clean!

Whether you need us same day or the next day, we’re there to clean. Our Same Day Cleaning Rate is $149. It’s a flat fee, affordable, convenient for both the client and the business.

This service covers everything in your essential cleaning package.

From Dusting to Mopping to Vacuuming to Stubborn Soap Scum-

It’s a standard basic house cleaning but it’s an immaculate, attention to detail cleaning.

Call or Text Now to Arrange a Last Minute House Cleaning by Clean and Sassy, LLC


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