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3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Everyday

Busy bathrooms may turn into messy bathrooms real quick. With our clean and sassy tips your everyday pit stops will be much more inviting. I love my shower rooms. We currently have two. I spend a lot of time trying to maintain it and even still it becomes chaotic when we’re really busy. I have trained my brain to believe that guests may arrive at any given moment, so my house better be clean. If we think like this, we accomplish more in regards to our everyday chores.

The first step is to do an overall clean. That means a complete scrub from top to bottom. I always remove everything ( or most of the items ) and start fresh. Our bathroom took me an entire day because I took breaks, washed a shower curtain 2 times to remove the mold – yes, I like to salvage things if I can…..and rearrange the decor in there about 3 times.

Now that your shower room is all fresh and clean with a thorough, attention to detail scrub; we need to keep it like this! If you run a busy household you may have a tub of toys in there, lots of products, towels, so on and so forth. If you are not sharing a bathroom with anyone you are in sassy heaven. Not a lot needs to be done each day to carry out a clean restroom. However, if you are all sharing one bathroom…things can get out of hand.

Step 1.

Put it away asap. This goes for everything you use. If you have a tub of toys- place them back inside the tub after you’ve showered to get them behind that shower curtain. Don’t let products and items be exposed. There’s always a way to hide it as soon as you’re done using it. If you don’t have the room under the sink, put the stuff ie: hair dryers, irons, etc in a hallway closet. A great way to store your products is to have a bin underneath and place them in it as soon as you’ve used it.

Step 2.

If you reuse your towels a couple times a week before washing them, good for you! Save the water. However, if you are finished with the linen and plan on throwing it into the laundry basket, wipe the sink and mirror before you toss it. The towel is damp giving you a quick minute to wipe the counters and mirrors with any toothpaste splatters or water marks after using the sink. If you don’t have a towel to use, take a washcloth. WHITE is best because it doesn’t have a funky odor.

Step 3.

Stage it. If your bathroom has little bits of design in there, it reminds you that you want to keep it this way. I normally would have never thought to carry out a design in a room I use often to get ready in but the truth is: if you add decor, some flowers or a plant and want it to look nice every single day, then you’ll remember to put things away and fold the towel on the rack before just throwing it there.

Now go clean your bathrooms and keep them clean! What are some simple things you do to maintain a happy pit stop!!??

And remember…..if you don’t want to clean, we’ll do it for you!


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