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Oh The Power of a Shower

I think I forgot how to shower. In all sincerity I was not showering like I used to. Living in humid climates honestly makes me tense up. This is by far the best post I’ve ever written because it often reminds myself to take care of me. Without further ado, The Power of a Shower…….

Late 2015 I was changing lifestyles and careers, quickly finding myself the following year in a lot of pain caused by stress from different natures. My shoulders had always been tense but a lot worse now. Yeah, no! this post isn’t about how to clean a shower, it’s about how to take one!

Men don’t typically have this problem but for women there’s a certain way we clean up, especially if we don’t want to wet our hair. For me, I was trying to grow my hair and limit the times I washed it throughout the week because of the ‘no poo’ method. So I started washing my body differently. I would let the faucet water run without filling the tub and sit there with a tall cup cleaning and rinsing and sometimes I still do this. Even if I put a shower cap on I preferred this way instead.

Now if you’re a woman who just likes baths this might be helpful for you as well.

I learned a lot about how to take a shower because it was important for me to feel good again. I hate feeling like an elephant is sitting on my shoulders all of the time and when you’re busy juggling life and home, it’s easy to tense up. Which in return causes a lot of other health problems.

Although a lot of this sounds like common sense, to some it is not.

The more showers you take in a 24 hour period, the better your well being!

Even if you only took 2 days out of the week to take at least 2 showers a day, your overall health improves. Here’s why and how:

First things first. There’s a proper way to take a shower if you’re trying to relieve stress, tension, depression and even mental stability.

-Start by running the water on warm and turn further to hot before jumping in. As soon as you test the water and it feels comfortable enough for you to tolerate, get in. If you are a woman with long hair, pin it up. This helps the water get to your shoulders and neck better.

-Once your body gets used to the semi-hot heat, turn it on hot all the way. If you can stand it for a minute targeting your shoulder areas then you will allow the toxins to come to the surface of the skin. You can switch from hot to warm depending on your toleration but for the most part try to take a couple minute shower going from hot to warm and then:

-to COLD. I usually turn the hot from warm to cool then to cold just to get my body adjusted. The cold releases the toxins from your skin and you instantly feel better. Especially after doing it several times a week. You’ll notice a big difference the very next day.

One simple way to improve your overall well being is by taking a HOT | COLD shower together.

Forget about the shaving and washing for a moment and let the temperature of the water do it’s job. After that or before, you can wash and shave!

Have you ever been so tense and wanted a way to relax…..? This is it my friends. Happy Showering!

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