Honestly this is one of my favorite topics to talk about and if you’re unsure of how to glam your space into spa like material, hang tight…..we’ve got you covered. I have the pleasure of working with clients all the time who have no idea how to make their homes more comfortable, relaxing and ‘home sweet home’ feeling! What better way to create this lifestyle than by inserting those beauty and decor items to satisfy your dream spa like treatments.

spa like homes
how to create a spa like home

1.) PAINT– wall colors are so important when it comes to how you feel in a space and if the colors on the walls are dark, we say: GO WHITE…..or at least neutral, gray {greige- the new grey and beige look} or even a light wallpaper will do…not specifically in the bathrooms though. Designer tip: hallways are truly the only area of a home that should be a darker color.

2.) FRESH CUT FLOWERS– use peonies, lilies, and chrysanthemum’s to make a room feel alive. Plants also do the trick but over doing it is not recommended.

3.) BATHROOM ACCESSORIES + NECESSITIES– white towels are the only color towels you should have. This helps make rooms feel more spa like and they are totally healthier as far as cleanliness goes. If you don’t know how to wash them here’s how:

using the hot cycle wash white towels and linens with 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 1/4 cup of laundry soap, 1/3 cup bleach and a tbsp of oxygen boost

Candles are not necessary when it comes to decorating your bathrooms to feel more spa like but they are nice to light when you’re soaking in a hot tub after a long day. So keep them around but you don’t have to decorate with them. Instead use bath salts and soaps to place in clear glass jars or small dishes. Use carts to store tissue and powder products.

4.) CLEAN– a very simple way to make your misty apartment or house smell good is by cleaning good. There’s two tricks I use to achieve that chlorine, fresh, clean smell in our home. Washing our showers with the BLUE Dawn Dish Soap and dumping 1/2 cup of Cloralen into our drains 1X week. Also, vinegar helps. If you dilute with hot water in a spray bottle and wipe your surfaces clean…..your home gets fresh and smells like a spa!

5.) DITCH THE BOOKS, TV’s– we don’t have a TV in our home and to be quite frank……it’s so much more relaxing. The sound of nothing is refreshing and to some, you may need some soothing music to listen to but overall, a spa like feeling should be quiet!!!

6.) DECLUTTER– when your space is packed with unnecessary items, products and pile up, it’s stressful. Create spa like homes by getting rid of the mess, using less products and containers, throw away the clutter!! Allow a fresh open vibe by using the LESS IS MORE approach.

herbal remedies

7.) HERBAL REMEDIES– I received the sweetest gift just recently; a lavender sachet to sniff right before I go to bed or even when I need to rejuvenate my senses. Having herbs and all natural items in the kitchen and throughout the home brings in a good nature. Focus. Rejuvenate. Relive.

8.) ADD A FOUNTAIN– I have yet to do this because I’m searching for the perfect one but let’s add some natural elements to our living space. I have been studying Feng Shui and would love to invite you to incorporate this into your homes as well. The soothing sound would replace the quietness as mentioned in #5.

9.) DIM + LIGHTEN– yes, at the same time this can be accomplished. I know, most spa like treatments are dark but we don’t want to live in darkness. On our windows we have white or light treatments. Instead of turning your blinds upward at night, turn them down. This allows that natural morning light to come in and brighten the rooms upon waking. During the day if it’s nice out, open the windows 1/4 of the way and leave the curtains closed but lift the blinds halfway. It’s such a cool, relaxing feeling.

10.) WATER BAR– this is a refreshment area in your home kinda like a coffee or wine bar but a H2O bar! Use the ice buckets to set out during the day and refill as needed. Keep fresh lemons and limes in a bowl with glasses beside it. Use water bottles or make a pitcher. Either way, awesome spa like treatment!

11.) PILLOWS + LINENS– have enough pillows on your bed to create a cozy, spa like treatment. There are rules to when it comes to colors and we go back to, well yeah….you guessed it! WHITE. At least for the majority of pillow cases. You can have light patterned on the decorative ones placed up front but for the most part go clean and white. This color attracts that feeling that you’re searching for. Disregard the worry of things of white nature getting dirty faster and jump into your beds feeling fresh and right!

12.) LIMIT FAMILY PHOTOS– this may be hard for some of you but there are ways to enjoy family portraits without the overkill of wall after wall hangings. Keep the pics you enjoy the most out in little frames on end tables or even in a hallway dedicated to these pictures. Every room does not need a family photo. Use scrapbooks and albums instead.

13.) SLIPPERS + ROBE WEARING– um hello! Who doesn’t love a new robe and slippers….Put them on please!! We clean a 3 story beach home that offers spa like treatments for their stay. The lower level features a lovely guest bedroom/bath and the long white robes are to die for.

14.) HOMEMADE SUGAR SCRUBS– I think this makes us feel like we’re at home receiving that resort type treatment for less and it’s F-U-N. You can use this recipe and substitute the coffee for whatever flavor you wish. Or just use the essential oils alone.

15.) DIVINE BEAUTY TREATMENTS– I’m a very simple gal with limited beauty supplies and products but these are the 3 key things that make me feel like I’m at a SPA: a.) face roller { I use this at night and in the mornings } b.) lavender – either in an essential oil or homemade sachet to sniff, it’s calming c.) body oils ; you don’t get the full body experience unless you lather your body with oil after a nice hot bath.

16.) HOMEMADE BODY MASSAGES– I debated on making this our final key in creating spa like homes or bed making. I went with this. Receive a full body massage at least twice a month from your spouse, or even hire someone to come into your home. A professional masseuse can make house calls, right?

Well I’m ready for even more spa like treatments in our little 2 bedroom apartment. New bath bars, jars of salt and aromatherapy can create this feeling in no time. Also, don’t forget those white towels!! Would love to hear what you do to enjoy at home beauty lovin’s.

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