Well Hello Hello There My Friends! Spring cleaning is amongst us. I mentioned before that this may be a daunting task for many, so I want to relieve some of that stress ( if you’re feeling nervous ). It should be fun, so here’s quite a few ways to get you motivated.

Spring cleaning is a time for refreshment and renewal.

The new year has sprung and now it’s time to really deep clean the house to overall, make us feel better! I cannot share enough how much of a difference it makes in your well being.

Spring Cleaning That Feels So Ahhhhhhmazing

If you’ve been reading our blog for some time, you may remember the original spring cleaning tips post – we have edited that to help you along the way! I’ve learned a TON, so I’m adding the 13 sassy spring cleaning tips:

  • Organize and start preparing with your supplies- a good spring cleaning needs the proper cleaning products and equipment. Essentially you’d want to clean and sanitize with a much powerful product than all natural, so I suggest using a good all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner { use 1 drop of dawn dish soap and 1 capful of white distilled vinegar in an empty spray bottle and fill to the top with hot water }, long microfiber duster, a good mop, a vacuum that sucks everything from the corners to the upper window frames to the blinds themselves….we use the Shark Professional attachment tools and plenty of microfiber cloths, rags or paper towels. Of course we always have a good tub of Clorox wipes to clean light switch plates and even walls. And garbage bags.
  • My weekly decluttering challenge has helped me tackle cleaning jobs immensely. Removing all the things that hoard dust, excess clothing that we don’t wear anymore, pile ups of shoes that we think we’ll wear one day, beauty products no one uses, books that no one reads, etc……when we take those away, we are able to breathe again.

Closet Purging For Spring

  • Just like my monthly closet purge, I want you to do the same with the cabinets, pantries and under the sinks. By simply grabbing a garbage bag and heading to the area that needs cleaning and throwing the stuff you don’t need away, helps with maintaining a healthier home.
  • Print out a checklist– I never do this but I know it will help so many of you tackle the spring cleaning this year. The reason I chose that checklist by Martha Stewart is because it outlines things that are important that I don’t talk about.
spring cleaning motivation
Spring Cleaning Motivation- clean in groups….it’s much funner!
  • Spring cleaning is better in pairs- the more people helping out, the better. Turn the music on, have a party, set out refreshments and enjoy the open windows. I always grab Doug or the girls when I need motivation. This is seriously a life savor. Because without them by my side helping me, I wouldn’t complete the task. If you need help, hire us!
  • Do what’s best for you- I tend to bounce from room to room when cleaning because it’s easier for me….some people like to take on one room at a time. It’s all overwhelming if you make it that way, but I seem more relaxed when I have an entire day dedicated to cleaning and take small breaks from the bathroom or kitchen. Go with the flow.
  • Strip the beds and the windows- I clean our linens weekly but if you go longer, this is something you’ll definitely want to do! It should be at the top of this list but in any event, start cleaning your sheets and blankets, window treatments and area rugs.
  • Remove and Relocate- every year (maybe even a couple of times throughout) I rearrange furniture, get rid of and stage for the new season. By doing this, it allows you to have to clean under and behind.

Remember It’s A Time For Renewal

  • Did I forget to mention to open the windows? Allow your home to breathe……the inside of our homes are the unhealthiest, causing illnesses and unwanted odors. Air them out.
  • Hire a professional carpet/tile cleaner. This really helps get the floors cleaned properly. Pro Tip: don’t try to do it yourself, just hire someone.
  • Pull out the refrigerator, the oven drawer and any other big appliances that collect dust, crumbs and debris. While you’re cleaning out the fridge, pull it out and clean behind it. I cleaned a home once that had animal feces behind the fridge and cabinets. The cat must have been scared or something but you never know what’s behind there if you don’t PULL IT OUT!

Treat Your Homes Spa Like

Every home deserves spa like treatment

  • Giving the bathrooms a really good cleaning means that now you can stage it for a spa like experience. Everyone wants to relax in a shiny clean soaking tub and use these famous bath bombs for a nice sizzle. How about transferring out your old bath towels for some crisp white linens. I often remind everyone that these are the easiest to wash. Light a candle after you’ve cleaned the house with these spring cleaning tips and enjoy some white wine while you’re at it. Score.
  • Think about the reward- the result of cleaning your home for Spring or any other season is a feeling of belonging, renewal and relaxing healthier. It makes sense to just do this but like I said before, we’re always here to help. It’s not easy for many people. Take it slowly; if you need more than a day, take it. Overall, accomplish it and treat yourself for doing such a good job.

This was really just a fun post to get you motivated to actually do the spring cleaning yourselves. It’s a real challenge and I’m not saying it’s easy breezy but with these sassy spring cleaning tips, you’ll be heading into summer like, whoaaaa! More time for enjoyment and less time cleaning up the place. Get the kids to join in. Check out the original spring cleaning post and how to prepare for spring cleaning. These three combined should relieve some tension you have. And your homes will be sparkly clean for the warmer months ahead.

Share some of your famous cleaning tips, we’d love to hear!!

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