Maintaining a clean home daily can be quite challenging. Here’s 3 simple ways to keep the bathroom clean but let’s talk about the entire house. Now let me be brutally honest. The most difficult thing is training your brain to do these tasks every single day. Once you repeat these 10 things often, it becomes instinct and it will no longer feel like a chore but a lifestyle. My everyday ‘simple’ tips to keeping your house clean is going to be a game changer. Get the kids involved with these daily routines and other family members, so that you are not taking this on all by yourself.

tips for a clean house everyday
10 simple ways to maintain a clean home

Having A Clean Home Is A Healthy Home

10 Simple Ways To Keep Your House Clean Everyday

1.) Starting in the morning, make your bed before you leave the room. This becomes habit once you do it for a week. It will make entering this room much more pleasant. Trust and believe. Make the kids do this too.

2.) Don’t leave dishes in the sink. Whether you are in a rush or not, put them in the dishwasher or a bin (until you get a chance to clean them) but always be sure the sinks are empty. This may be the most challenging if you have a larger family, so each time someone enters the kitchen and they see a dish that needs to be cleaned or put away, teach your brain and the members of your family that it is not sanitary to keep dirty things in the sink. I bleach the basins every couple of days to maintain a healthier atmosphere in the kitchen.

3.) Never leave clothes on the floor or on your beds. Find a basket for everything including clean clothes that you don’t have time to put away. Try to put away asap. Buy more hangers and storage bins if you need.

4.) Can you smell that? It’s the dirty sponge (cloth) sitting on your sinks!! Throw them away. Even if you sanitize a sponge it still has bacteria on it. Toss and refresh every week if needed.

5.) No shoes in the house. This prevents dirt and debris coming in daily from our nasty shoes. Leave them by the door. This always makes vacuuming less stressful and less often.

6.) Wipe the shower down before you clean your body up. This is actually a really easy ‘chore’. Run the water, grab a sponge, apply dawn dish soap, jump in, wipe down the entire shower walls and around the bottom of the tub and then set the sponge on the edge while you start/finish taking your shower. Literally takes less than 2 minutes.

7.) Don’t put the mail or homework on the counter. Having an organized bin or basket for paperwork, etc will alleviate the pile up on end stands and counter tops. Also, get a magazine rack!

8.)  Throw old food and things that aren’t being used away. Take a peek into your fridge daily. Tossing things out daily allows you sanity. Also it helps when you buy new food… can easily place it where it needs to go instead of shuffling at the time.

9.) Don’t eat in the bedrooms.

10.) Do laundry often. Or set scheduled days and always have a basket for dirty, clean, whites and colors.

Hope this helps you have a cleaner home. I know it helps me a ton. Getting into the habit makes it feel like less of cleaning up and more of healthy living! Enjoy. Share your tips below. Thank you. Like us on FB and Follow us on Twitter.

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